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Psi Available for: windows mac linux unix java Psi is an open source instant messenger client built for Jabber the open source instant messaging protocol. However, to ensure that you don't loose touch we your friends who have not yet switched Read more.

Program Details

It aims to implement as many features as possible from the original, and to provide even more features on top of that. Alot of the extra features are Among the supported Miranda IM Available for: windows mac linux unix java Small and fast are only two positive things that come to mind when trying to descripe Miranda IM.

Download,installation and first run on Mac OS - VIPole Secure Messenger

Like many of its open source "competitors" it is an multi-protocol instant messenger capable of However, it does have a few extra features - besides trying to be Microsoft MSN Messenger 7. It comes with all of the classic features but also includes voice and video chat.

Trillian Pro 3. It comes in a basic freeware version as well as the professionel version, which has more advanced features. For example, if you installed the Messaging Agent on a server with an IP address of When users click the GroupWise Messenger link, they download the nvlmsgr.

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By following the instructions on the download page, users can install and start the Messenger client quickly and easily. You can require Messenger users to update their Messenger client software whenever a new version of the client is available.

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Version: Specify the minimum acceptable version number for the Messenger client software. Date: Click the Calendar button to specify the earliest acceptable date for the Messenger client software. Grace Logins: Specify the number of times users can log in to the Messenger system without updating their Messenger client software.

If you leave the Date and Version fields blank, users can choose whether to update their Messenger client software when they are notified that a new version is available. Client version information is stored on each user's workstation in the nmcl Update Message: If desired, type the message that you want Messenger users to see when they are notified about the Messenger client update.

Kopete - Instant Messenger -

The URLs in the list you create are tried in the order you list them. Ensure that the Messenger nvlmsgr.


When Messenger users start the Messenger client, they are notified whenever updated client software is available. By default, the Messaging Agent handles downloading Messenger client software to Messenger users.