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And yes, you are absolutely right about light room being able to rename files etc but that is after the fact. That is after your shoot has finished and you are in the process of transferring files. I am talking about organising and recognising files before the fact and before you have begun transferring them somewhere. This is a very fast and efficient way for me to do that. I have a very different approach maybe bad form, maybe not.

I create a new catalog for every seperate shoot that I do, I have a dedicated raw folder for overall backup that I name based on the name of the shoot and a post edit folder for my exports.

Hey Apple... why no RAW support for 5D MkIV

Most of the not destructive edit is done in LR and the more serious correction is done in PS but the image's final resting place is the post-edit folder. When I approach a new shoot I will assuming I wasn't neglectful to do so quick format the cards and start with a fresh set of cards. You can also use a single catalog and create collections for each shoot. Thanks for the answer. Do yourself a favour and give lightroom a try, or Bridge at the very least.

This is a nice method for doing things the hard way. Ummm I use Lightroom every single day. Organizing in Lightroom or any other software is done after the fact. My apologies. But at no point do you mention using Lightroom, and all your screen shots are of windows explorer. For me at least, organising by file name in camera abrogates any need for software at all.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

That has been brilliant for me and my less than stellar organisational skills. I only mention this because you can see previews whilst doing this which was one of your complaints about Explorer. In the comments it looks like you're fighting hard to defend your method, but as others have pointed out, I , also, don't find it easy to use As I often tend to grab the camera not knowing wheter i'll shoot or not, I would not waste time renaming the files on my camera.

BUT, since you don't use or have previews for your raws and want to identify files easily, why not group files by creation date. They would be even easier to grab , the groups would be clearly visible. Have you tried it? If yes, That is a very good method indeed. Files and folders can really back up by that time. I hope that explains it better. Thanks for your comment :. PM can create dated folders including as assignment description as you import the images: eg. Thanks for the heads up. I'll definitely second the use of PhotoMechanic.

It's great for culling your images and only importing what you want to keep into LR.

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As far as organization, I've tried a few different methods, but ultimately use of the creation date is still the most logical. I move files from the card to the desktop into date-named folders, cull them in PM, and then import into LR directly organized by date. In LR you can add a place or event name to the dated folder to help locate what you want to work on. As a free alternative, check FastStone Image Viewer. Reads raw formats, opens quick, and supports renaming. Probably doesn't have anywhere near the features, but it's free.

The 4 letters seem to work for you, but if you need to rename before sending to someone else, and want the option to remove the blurred shots, etc, this will cover the basics. Available for both Windows and Mac. I found something that works even better for me - I downloaded a codec pack for Windows , it might have been FastPictureViewer.

Setting up

Exactly the kind of info I was hoping to get. That will be my first job when I wake up tomorrow morning. Thank you! Home Education. Posted In:. Are You One of Them? February 27, June 13, February 18,