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Clear the option named Print slide numbers on handouts. Select a heading below to open it and see the detailed instructions. In the Layout box, select one of the Handout options, depending on how many slides per page you want. Add speaker notes to you slides.

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Print your slides in black and white or grayscale. A Notes Page prints the slide on the upper half of the page and the related speaker notes on the lower half. A Handouts page consists of three slide thumbnail images on the left side and several printed lines for note-taking to the right of each thumbnail.

To print handouts in other layouts, see Print handouts using Adobe Reader. Next to Destination , click Change to choose a printer. Set any other print layout options you want, such as which slides to print and one-sided versus two-sided printing.

Printing Multiple Slides from Power Point to PaperCut

Available options vary by printer. Under Orientation , choose the option that matches the orientation of your slides. Click Print to print your slide show you might have to scroll to find Print on the print panel. In the Print dialog box that appears, under Printer , choose a printer. When you are finished printing, close the PDF file that was opened for printing in step 2. We recommend using the Microsoft Edge web browser instead of Internet Explorer when you're working in PowerPoint for the web for a smoother experience when printing.

If you're using Internet Explorer, we recommend that you install Adobe Reader , because having it installed on your computer makes the printing process in PowerPoint for the web easier. On the Print page that appears, under Orientation , click Landscape. Set any other print layout options you want. Click OK to print your slide show you might have to scroll to find OK on the print page.

Print PowerPoint with notes (the basics)

From the open presentation hover your pointer over the bottom of the presentation and click this image. In the Print dialog box, under Orientation , click Landscape. Present slide shows. In this course: Start the presentation and see your notes in Presenter view Article Add speaker notes to your slides Article Rehearse and time the delivery of a presentation Article Record a slide show with narration and slide timings Article Print your PowerPoint slides, handouts, or notes Article Create a self-running presentation Article.

The following procedures cover printing in PowerPoint for Mac and newer versions. On the File menu select Print. Select Show Details at the bottom of the dialog box. In the Layout box, select Slides. Set the other printing options you want, and select Print. In the Layout box, select Notes. By default the option is checked and it will add in the supported Microsoft Office applications another tab called novaPDF that will let users create PDF files directly from the Office interface by simply clicking a button.

The add-in installs itself with the default settings, but those can be modified if you need advanced customization of the resulting PDF. This article applies only to novaPDF. If you don't have it yet, you must download it first. Last updated: Feb 15, Note: We strive to keep our articles as accurate as possible.

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  • These are the settings to configure in the novaPDF Office Add-in: 1 Advanced - This lets you select which printer to use and if you want to save the document before converting it. In the Advanced tab we have the following options: Save document before printing - When checked, it will save any changes done to the currently opened document before doing the conversion to PDF.

    Print your PowerPoint slides, handouts, or notes - Office Support

    Add document information - If you have any information added via document properties in PowerPoint, you can have that recognized and transmitted in the PDF as Document Information i. By default this option is checked. In the Links tab we have the following options: Generate PDF Links - If this is checked, all links in the current document will be detected and converted as active links in the resulting PDF file. Convert cross document links - If checked it will convert links pointing to other documents.

    Use relative paths - check this to use non-absolute links for file paths i.