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Resources For The Older Macintosh

However, there is no posting type sounds or beep and the screen is coming up with just horizontal bars, alternately black and white. More Less.

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  • Apple Macintosh Classic II Service Manual.
  • Apple Service Manual: Macintosh Classic/Classic II/Performa 200.

Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Feb 28, AM in response to Bennyfolse In response to Bennyfolse Okay, I just found a service manual finally that says the power or logic board may be bad. Would there be a possible simpler solution such as the battery? Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: Jan Hedlund Jan Hedlund.

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Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 0. Feb 28, AM in response to Bennyfolse In response to Bennyfolse All work inside a compact Mac is dangerous, and must only be carried out by someone who knows exactly what to do.

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Please note that high-voltage charges can remain in various components and circuits for a long time after the computer has been switched off. Ought to be available through an Internet book store. Alternatively, your local library could perhaps help you find it. The internal battery would be the first thing to check. User profile for user: Appaloosa mac man Appaloosa mac man.

I will echo Jan's advice to take care when working an any all-in-one Mac. This is not the easiest Mac to cut your teeth on because of the deadly dangers involved. We had a technician get thrown across a room and through the sheet rock on the wall because he touched a live connection. Proceed with caution. Feb 28, PM in response to Appaloosa mac man In response to Appaloosa mac man Thanks very much for the comments.

I thought that the high voltage might be an issue since it is "allinone". I have found a safety bulletin on releasing the CRT voltage that involves a simple method using jumper wire and screwdriver. If anyone tried this and had success, would you comment?

The saftey bulletin explains how to do it by connecting one end to a specific ground point and the other to the metal "insulated handle" screwdriver, then touching the back at a certain point. Then it says you should hear a pop or crack sound. My first steps will be to then check all connections and the battery. Thanks again! Feb 28, PM in response to Bennyfolse In response to Bennyfolse Discharging the CRT using that method works, provided the frame is connected to a good earth ground.

This means leaving the wall power plug IN, or grounding the chassis to a cold water pipe or other solid ground. The danger is not over, as charges can "grow back" over time. The second procedure should be showing you how to establish a solid connection of the CRT bottle to ground. Be very cautious and do not work alone. If you connect the High Voltage through your heart, e. The screen on a monochrome Mac is a direct window into the state of the memory. Apple seems to be using this manual up until around , and there seems to be several manuals for this series of manuals for subsequent machines.

Since around , it seems that these manuals have been abolished following the spread of CD-ROMs, and the progress of networks.

Legacy Electronics E7: Mac Classic II

The manual seems to have become obsolete. The contents of the 17 manuals are outlined below:. The above picture is a binder for the initial service manual. It appears to be for an Apple II service manual. On the cover page it says "Level 1 Technical Procedures".

Inside Macintosh

This particular one was for company and dealer service engineers. It attributes ability grades to service engineers that have surpassed a certain level. A separate volume to the above service manual series. This manual is for replacement parts and they are divided into 10 categories such as: CPU, keyboard, power supply, cards, etc. In the chapter on the motherboard, the Original Apple II through to the Quadra have been featured. Final update April In the peripheral card chapter, almost all of the cards released by Apple as of have been included, even with regards to the Apple II, there are items such as old communication cards, SchoolBus Interface Cards and memory cards that were released only in Australia, etc.

It has some unusual cards, too, which makes for interesting browsing. Disk llc; UniDisk 3. Modems; Disk Drives; Apple 3.