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As every college student knows, you can make a term paper longer by widening the margins. Wide margins leave less room for text and push text onto subsequent pages, making the term paper longer and making the student seem a little smarter than he or she really is.

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The Mirrored option is for documents that will be bound and on which text will be printed on both sides of the page. The page margins on the binding side of the page are made wider to accommodate the binding.

Pages for Mac: Add and remove headers and footers in a Pages document

To lay out pages in different ways in a document, divide the document into sections. For example, to make page margins wider in the first four pages of a document, create a section for the first four pages and apply margin commands to the first section only.

Word 2016 - Move Pages - How To Rearrange Reorder Arrange a Page in Microsoft Office 365 - Nav Pane

Layout commands in Word for the iPad apply to the entire document or, if the document is divided into sections, the section where the cursor is when you give a layout command. Create a section by inserting a section break where you want the new section to begin.

How to Lay Out a Word Document on the iPad - dummies

Section breaks occur at the top of pages. Follow these steps to insert a section break and create a new section:. It almost goes without saying, but a document more than a few pages long needs page numbers. Unless you number the pages, how can you put your document together again if you drop it on the sidewalk and the wind scatters the pages hither and yon?

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Choose options to determine how the pages are numbered and what page numbers look like:. Turn this option off to keep a page number from appearing on the first page.

Add headers and footers in a word-processing document

Position: On the submenu, choose whether to put page numbers on the top or bottom of the page. Now your document has 3 sections and when we insert page numbering it will only number that section.

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This took me a long time to work out. If you want something more in-depth, Office for Mac: The Missing Manual seems to be the best office for mac book around, and covers formatting in a lot more detail than the Office for Dummies books. Share Tweet Post. CEO of Beekeeper Data. Data Nerd.

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Lucky husband and father. More about me. Background image from Subtle Patterns. Step 2: Insert the Page Numbers Navigate to the first page you want numbered page 3 in my example. You can now update your contents page and it will refer to your shiny new page number format. Hire me to supercharge your Hadoop and Spark projects I help businesses improve their return on investment from big data projects.