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Both versions have multiple musical tracks that can be selected and listened to using the "My Music" feature, including pieces taken directly from earlier Super Smash Bros. The 3DS version features less music altogether than the Wii U version however, and only has two songs per stage because of size limitations. In an announcement for the Super Smash Bros.

Invitational, a tournament which was held at E3 , Nintendo revealed an official GameCube controller adapter for the Wii U, which allows players to use GameCube controllers with the game, [64] as well as a Smash Bros.

Pinnacle 2019 SSBU - Irakaz (Mario) Vs. BlackDynoWright (Little Mac) Smash Ultimate Tournament Pools

The adapter and controllers were released alongside the game and are also available separately, but vary depending on the region. Players can use up to two adapters on the Wii U. This adapter was later revealed to work on the Nintendo Switch as well in On April 15, , a software update was released, adding the ability to purchase additional content, such as playable characters, new stages and Mii Fighter costumes, and addressing some balancing issues in the game.

It also enabled online sharing of photos, Mii fighters, replays and custom stages. Reception for the 3DS version was generally positive, according to review aggregator Metacritic. Some criticisms include a lack of single player modes and issues concerning the 3DS hardware, such as the size of characters on the smaller screen when zoomed out and latency issues during both local and online multiplayer. The Wii U version received critical acclaim, receiving praise for its variety of gameplay modes and for improvements upon features in the 3DS version.

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Little Mac

Hearst Magazines. He was revealed during a Nintendo Direct on February 13th, , which coincided with the 30th anniversary of the North American release of Punch-Out!! Little Mac is currently ranked 44th out of 55 in the tier list, placing him in the E tier.

This also renders him as the second lowest ranking mid-tier character. By extension, Little Mac's grounded moveset is very potent in regard to both offense and defense: his impressive combo potential, overall high damage output, and outstanding KO potential make him very threatening, whereas his anti-rebounding priority and super armor enable him to go toe-to-toe against incoming attacks.

However, Little Mac's notoriously poor aerial attributes give him little to no defense when airborne. His poor aerial mobility and the very minimal utility of his aerial attacks make aerial combat extremely risky, while his status as a fast-falling lightweight with low jumps and a weak recovery make him glaringly susceptible to gimping, juggling, aggressive edge-guarding, and combos, each of which can result in him being KO'd early.

Despite its effectiveness, Little Mac's ground game is not fundamentally perfect. Aside from his downward angled forward smash and sweetspotted up smash, the remainder of his attacks deal minimal shield damage and generally lack shieldstun. Overall, Little Mac's strong ground game is not enough to compensate for his weaknesses, and Little Mac maintains only an average level of representation, with few dedicated mains.

Despite his results being rather volatile, he has managed to achieve some success: Cagt and Destany have consistently achieved very high placings at local and regional tournaments, the latter of whom has also won a number of local tournaments, while Sol, Vash, Alphicans, and pu55yk1ng have each achieved a handful of respectable placings at regional and national tournaments.