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This starts to make sense as creating 3 LightScribe labels 1 by 1 will take anything up to minutes depending on the software used.


So if you have a small recording studio, get yourself one of the above. I hope this has been useful and you go on to find the perfect LightScribe DVD drive now in for your needs.

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As always, if you have any questions please Contact Me and I will be glad to help. Amazon and eBay To my knowledge once again, please if you know different tell me the only two places to reliably but LightScribe Burners or Discs are Amazon and eBay. So, moving swiftly on…. They are still available used. But with all used technology you have to exercise caution. Here is an current example on Amazon:. What I said about Internal drives regarding choice applies here too.

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Spartan Champion 1x Duplicator As stated above, if you want to copy your LightScribe discs without needing to use your PC then this is a great solution. So if this is a time saving you are looking for here is a good option:. Makarand Gore, [3] and brought to market through the joint design efforts of HP's imaging and optical storage divisions in It was the first direct to disc labeling technology that allowed users to laser etch images to the label side of a disc.

DiscT 2 technology had been on the market since , but DiscT 2 allows users to burn only to the unused portion of the data side of the disc. In , LabelFlash became the main competitor for LightScribe. Various brands manufacture the required media. This has been replaced with the following message:. Thank you for your interest in the LightScribe disc labeling technology. This website is no longer active. LightScribe software and disc utilities may be found on a number of public websites.

Lightscribe Burner For Mac

The etched label will show no noticeable fading under exposure to indoor lighting for at least two years. If stored this way, the label should last the life of the disc in real-world applications. LightScribe labels burn in concentric circles, moving outward from the center of the disc.

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Images with the largest diameters will take longest to burn. LightScribe is monochromatic , initially a grey etch on a gold -looking surface. From late , LightScribe discs are also available in various surface colors, under the v1.

The etching is still in shades of grey. It is not possible to replace a LightScribe label with a new design as in erase the surface of the disc , but it is possible to add more content to a label that has already been burned. The center of every LightScribe disc has a unique code that allows the drive to know the precise rotational position of the disc.

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  • Super-Multi External 24x DVD Rewriter with SecurDisc™ and LightScribe.

This, in combination with the drive hardware, allows it to know the precise position from the center outwards, and the disc can be labeled while spinning at high speed using these references. Never retype playlist information again! Customize your designs with your own photos and artwork Browse images from your iPhoto library and place them right into your design: quick one-step design for discs, jewel cases, booklets, and more.

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Print to most label and paper types list , as well as supported direct-on-disc printers and LightScribe. Powerful design tools Apply image effects and gradients to text and objects Multiple layers, drawing tools, and gradients for creating custom designs Use more than clip art files via the DiscLabel Clip Art Browser Include and edit!

Floating tool palettes to maximize design workspace.