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Mavericks is just focking broken. This is a great tip! I remembered having some difficulties with SL to Vista.

How To Share Files & Folders Between the Mac and PC

But Mavericks and Windows works awesome and flawless! But for any receiver who is in the world of Apple, this is a great way to bulk send a […]. I hope this helps.

I have been having a nightmare trying to link my Lion OSX Like Marshal, I am facing the same problem and not found any solution. I am using same login name on both machines. Able to see the shared folders on the Windows machine but not able to go into them.

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From Windows, I am able to read the shared Mac folders and even write to them. It is visible but not accessible. I have been using this method for many years, most recently with a new It was working in December. Now, however, perhaps after the Microsoft security update yesterday, it does not work from Vista, XP or 7. I have tried Panther, Leopard and Lion and server and I hit a problem with all regarding file permissions.

Any clues of how to solve — I have searched the internet for an answer. Having the same problem as Chuck. Large files or large amount of smaller files trying to copy to a Windows share and get the same error. Grab some large files and copy to that Windows folder. Hope you could help me.

Works fine between Lion and XP — watch the switch from forward to backward slashes though when entering the IP address. Yeah but be warned!!!! Lion On the Windows side, I highly recommend mapping a network drive so that you can access the Mac without having to reenter the IP and credentials on each connection. Works with OS X Name required.

How to Access Other Computers on Mac (with Pictures) - wikiHow

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How To Share Your Mac’s Folders With a PC

Locate the folder you want to share in Windows Explorer or File Explorer, right-click it, and select Properties. Click the Sharing tab and use the options here to share a folder and configure its permissions.

  1. Share Files from Mac OS X to Windows PC’s Easily.
  2. Share Files from Mac OS X to Windows PC’s Easily.
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  6. How Access File Shares on Windows Computers from Your Mac!

Visit the Network pane in Windows Explorer or File Explorer to view other computers sharing files with you. Double-click a computer to view its shared files. You can also connect directly to a computer if you know its name or IP address. Click the Sharing icon and enable File Sharing. Use the Shared Folders column to choose additional folders to share. Use the Users column to choose which users and groups can access and write to them.

Open the Finder, click Go on the menu at the top of the screen, and select Connect to Server. Drag and drop the network share from under the Shared column in Finder to the list of Login Items. Click the Edit button to change the name.

Advanced Options

Under Shared Folders , the Public folder is shared out by default. Under Users , you can see the standard permissions and edit them as you see fit. In order to connect from a Windows machine, you have to check the box next to the user name and enter your password. There are a couple of ways you can do this.

How to connect with File Sharing on your Mac

One way is to simply open up Explorer and click on Network. You should see the Mac computer listed there.

If Windows asks you to enable Network Discovery, then go ahead and do that.