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With multi-camera capture and editing tools, you can create anything from software training to unboxing videos in a few simple steps! Record system audio, voiceover, and content directly from your screen with Live Screen Capture. This screen recorder is the fast and easy way to add interesting content to videos, presentations, and other projects, or to create tutorials or demonstrations to share.

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Select the monitor, window, or outline the portion of the screen you want to capture and press record. Save streaming web videos from your favorite sites--simply identify the video and capture it. Toast can even send it automatically to iTunes for syncing with your favorite device or it can burn to DVD for playback on your big-screen TV.

Import audio from almost anywhere—LPs, tapes, microphone sound, or streaming Internet audio. Even rip audiobooks for playback on your favorite device. Clean up and enhance recordings with audio filters and capture music to iTunes automatically. Trim start and end points and remove unwanted segments in the middle of video clips before export. Extract video clips from your home DVDs and convert them to popular formats to play back on the device of your choice.

Unlock your burning and digital media possibilities with Toast Titanium

With multiple angles recorded, you can easily combine synced videos and select which angle to show as the videos play--all with new MultiCam Editing. Explore a variety of creative options and swiftly switch between camera angles to add interest and draw in viewers. This is the perfect compliment to MultiCam Capture. This is the perfect combination to create engaging how-to tutorial videos, unboxing videos, and much more.

Convert videos from the web or camcorder to popular formats compatible for playback on your favorite device. Quickly create or convert video to popular formats with a broad selection of video presets, making it easy to view your files on your favorite devices. Schedule video conversion projects to run when you're away from the computer, even pause and resume conversions. Preview a short clip of your video at selected quality settings to ensure optimal video quality.

Post your photos or videos directly to YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo in just one step to share with friends, family and the world. With one click Toast will even tweet your YouTube and Vimeo video links. Choose a flexible DVD burner for Mac that enables you to create hybrid discs with content unique to the Mac or PC, including custom icons, background images, and discs that "autorun" on PCs.

Easily create cross-platform photo discs for easy sharing. Roxio Toast has everything you need to enjoy your digital media without limits—at home, on mobile and online. Performance results will vary depending on tested video content, CPU, and Graphic card model used. Buy Now. Own a previous version? Toast Overview Features Compare System Requirements. Excluisve to Pro. Photo Editing Extras Everything you need to take your photos to the next level for picture-perfect results every time - full access to pro-quality tools available only in Toast 17 Pro. Invaluable illustration tools Craft characters and environments using tools built for the job.

Mirror painting With Mirror painting, every stroke you make is copied onto the opposite side of your canvas. Paint software you can grow with Comfortably experiment with a variety of custom selected media types and uncover your favorites. Built-in learning resources Launch the Essentials application, and the intuitive Welcome Screen will greet you with helpful tutorials and workflow tips. Corel AfterShot 3 Transform and enhance your photos With Corel AfterShot you can turn your passion for photography into unforgettable photos - without spending hours at the computer! Before After. Multi-version editing Make adjustments to an unlimited number of versions of your master photo without ever changing your original file.

Customizable workspace Easily change the AfterShot workspace to suit your task. Precise control with Selective Editing Apply adjustments exactly where you want them with unique Layers and Regions capabilities that isolate precise areas of your photo for adjustment. Enhanced FotoMagico 5 RE Sophisticated slideshows FotoMagico is the easiest way to create a gorgeous slideshow on your Mac using your photos, videos, music, and text. Visual storytelling for everyone FotoMagico is the easiest way to create a gorgeous slideshow on your Mac using your photos, videos, music, and text.

Build your story The biggest challenge in creating a compelling slideshow is to come up with the story. Preserve unforgettable moments Quickly and easily animate photos and integrate any video shot with a professional camera or an iPhone, for a lasting record of unforgettable moments. Set the mood with motion and audio Choose from a variety of styles in the Animation Assistant to automatically bring your slideshows to life. New WinZip Mac 6. Secure confidential information Whether you are sharing important documents with colleagues, uploading sensitive files to the Internet, or storing entire archives at home, WinZip is the perfect solution for protecting your information from unauthorized access.

Share zipped files between your Mac and PC Designed specifically for Mac users—WinZip for Mac helps you over the hurdle of sharing or receiving compressed folders or archives from PC users. Audio disc spanning Span audio CD projects across multiple discs with Audio Disc Spanning--even customize your tracks and discs for the perfect music mix. Maximum compatibility Secure your documents in Mac-only or Windows-only formats, or, create encrypted files that can be read on both Mac and Windows computers.

Backup your data AVCHD Archive makes it one-step simple to backup an entire camera of HD video to disc and automatically keep a preview version on your Mac for easy browsing. Easy search and retrieve Automatically catalog your discs as you burn with DiscCatalogMaker, then quickly browse the files and folders of your catalogued discs, and search by all or part of a file or folder name. Every file at your fingertips Toast's convenient Media Browser makes it quick to find the right content for your project.

Burn CDs, DVDs, Photo CDs and More with Toast Titanium (for Mac)

File recovery for damaged discs Don't risk losing vital data. Capture Grab video from anywhere—your screen, the web, discs and portable devices. MultiCam Capture Capture content from a webcam and record your computer screen at the same time, then sync your video and audio in a single click with MultiCam Capture. Screen Recording Software Record system audio, voiceover, and content directly from your screen with Live Screen Capture. Capture streaming videos Save streaming web videos from your favorite sites--simply identify the video and capture it.

Capture audio Import audio from almost anywhere—LPs, tapes, microphone sound, or streaming Internet audio. This application allows you to make a perfect copy, compress a DVD 9 onto a DVD 5, pick and choose the aspects of a commercial DVD you wish to copy onto a new disc, and more. The interface is completely intuitive, but it also has powerful controls that allow you to customize your copy. DVD Cloner has consistently performed excellently in our quality, time and ease of use tests. Results are almost always crystal-clear and perfect matches of their source discs, and the program rarely produces an unplayable or unwatchable disc.

Mac Backup Software

You can also use it to merge several DVDs onto a single Blu-ray disc. This software can also convert your movies and TV shows into standalone files. This is a great feature because it lets you watch your content on nearly any media player, and content can be synced to your multimedia devices easily. Read the full review. This may not be the least expensive DVD copy program, but it provides the biggest bang for your buck. Its well-designed, intuitive interface is the most modern of the programs we reviewed.

You can make an exact copy of a disc, make a movie-only copy or split the content onto several new discs. This program also allows you to back up your DVDs to a hard drive.

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This is great because you can use the copied files to burn a new copy of a disc without needing the original. In our quality tests, DVDFab earned high marks. Exact copies were indistinguishable from the original, and compressed copies had minimal artifact and other imperfections. The downside is that it might be intimidating to beginners.

Top 5 Free CD DVD Burner for Windows and Mac

Learning everything and using it to its fullest potential might require a few times through the process. DVD Cloner for Mac provides the same easy-to-understand workflow, customization options and backup tools as its PC counterpart. Its Expert and Express modes allow you to choose whether you want to make a copy in just a few clicks or take a little more time to create a personalized disc.

If you want to retain as much quality as possible, you can make a movie-only copy of a disc that will require less compression. This is also the fastest Mac DVD copy software we reviewed. It takes about 40 minutes to make an exact copy of a commercial disc. When we compressed the copy, it took about 45 minutes.

You will need an external DVD burner if you want to use this software on a newer Mac, since they no longer come with an internal optical drive.

The Best Disc Burning App for Mac

Every program we reviewed can make a perfect copy of a DVD. However, several contain the ability to compress a movie found on a commercial DVD-9 onto the smaller-capacity blank DVD This necessarily reduces the quality of the original movie. Additionally, this DVD copy software is very easy to use. Like its name suggests, you can start the copy process in as little as one click. The interface is one of the simplest of all the programs we reviewed. Such as the ability to customize new discs as well saving a disc image or TS folder to your hard drive.

All its features and tools are available from the main window of the interface. Anyone can use this software to its fullest potential, even those with limited computer skills. This simplicity does come with some tradeoffs. Additionally, the quality of compressed copies leaves much to be desired.

Why Trust Us? We have reviewed this category for 15 years. In that time our reviewers and video experts have spent hundreds of man hours copying discs, customizing content, watching newly burned discs, and comparing results with other copies from other programs and with the original. How We Tested During our evaluation of DVD copy software, we subjected each product on our lineup to a series of tests.

We made at least two new copies of our test disc with each program we reviewed, one compressed and one uncompressed. Our video experts then examined each copy and compared it against the original, searching for quality loss such as compression artifact, pixelation and distortion. To make an audio CD on your Mac, all you need to do is make a playlist in iTunes with the songs you want to burn. Making a data disc is equally simple. These tools are good as far as they go. The best Mac CD burners go far beyond simple audio and data discs.

They can also rip content off CDs and DVDs, convert audio files, burn disc images, create menus, and much more. We evaluated the best Mac CD burning software available on the market today. At the end of our analysis, we determined the following products are the best you can buy. Roxio Toast. This software is a full-bodied disc authoring program that goes far beyond burning music albums and files to CDs.

It enables you to capture content from almost any source.