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Note from October the web site has not been updated for a while, but the software apparently has been. Unless you really need something unique in it, though, you can probably do well elsewhere, since development is minimal. Current Version: 2. Older versions are still available for older operation systems, while version 2.

Instalar IBM SPSS Statistics 23 en Mac

This program appears to cover every aspect of regression you can think of. It's graphically oriented but has strong statistics. Version 1.

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It can connect directly to database sources, or use data brought in from spreadsheets. The usual statistical processes are available, including one-way ANOVA, t-tests, signed ranks, chi-square, and R; nested tables can be produced with row and column percentages, totals, standard deviations, means, medians, and sums.

Other free general statistics software

Statistics come via the Scipy stats module. Analysis and reporting can be automated using Python scripts, either exported from SOFA or written by hand.

Free and promising general statistics software (in no particular order)

Data can be brought in from Google spreadsheets and CSV files. Dynamic charts use html, SVG, and Javascript. This project was under rapid development for a while, but updates have slowed down. The last blog entry was in January , and there were just two in , following a fairly busy Statistics is giftware to help teach probability and statistics the easy way—by simulation. Increase your awareness of the role of variability in probability and statistics. Learn and apply simple to very sophisticated statistical techniques without tables or complicated formulas.

The original Resampling Stats language and computer program were developed by Dr. Julian Simon and Peter Bruce to teach statistics. Salstat dates back to the early s and runs on Python; installing the free version on the Mac may require quite a bit of library-and-Python downloading, but a paid version makes everything easy.

Help for Installing IBM SPSS Statistics 24 on a Mac | Studica Blog

Configurations Available: PowerPC thru 1. This is an exceedingly flexible program, with a large number of libraries and built in routines, and the ability to run many S or S-Plus programs. R loads and runs quickly but has a steep learning curve. A simple and somewhat frustrating graphic user interface is included for Mac users; R Commander can be installed using the built-in package installer, which can also install file import features which aren't installed by default.

R has a massive range of tests, PDF and PostScript output, a function to expand zip archives, and numerous other unexpected features. For much more information about R, including advantages, drawbacks, resources, and tips, see our incredibly outdated R statistics software for the Mac page. R Studio is commercial open-source software, designed for creating and managing R applications rather than, say, doing exploratory research or testing the odd hypothesis.

The Mac version seems to be developed at the same time as Linux and Windows versions. When you first load R Studio, it tells you to go back and install R. Once you've done that and restarted, it finds R easily enough, and presents you with an integrated development environment IDE. R Studio never claims to be anything but an IDE, with many options and good operating-system integration. MacMCMC is part of a two-part set—the other part being a free ebook. Data can be imported from plain text UTF There are 15 built-in functions. Reports include MAP, mean, median, mode, and Gelman-Rubin; credible intervals; trace; plots of marginals; and trace comparison for selected chains.

The program has other features, described on its web site , along with a sample input, data, model, and output.

SPSS 21 Para MAC (Yosemite) – SPSS 21 for Mac

Users can check for updates from a dropdown menu. The basic method of using the program is to set up the model via a simple text format, easily figured out from the examples or the ebook; load data in ASCII format ; run Compile, run Setup, change any parameters desired, and then run. That yields a plain-text report and a graph which can be adjusted as needed. Email this page to a friend. It will NOT run on Please purchase Version 22 or 23 if you are running Please purchase Version 22 or 23 if you are running Windows 8.

Powerful tool for managing and using your SPSS data

In IBM SPSS Statistics Base, the factor analysis procedure provides a high degree of flexibility, offering: Seven methods of factor extraction Five methods of rotation, including direct oblimin and promax for nonorthogonal rotations Three methods of computing factor scores. Select one of two methods for classifying cases, either updating cluster centers iteratively or classifying only.

Analyze raw variables or choose from a variety of standardizing transformations. If you then launch Statistics 22 which is an application that relies on Java 6, it can happen, the Mac OS pops up a dialog box stating Java 6 was requested, but none is present. Please contact IBM Sales department to renew your contracts. Site availability.

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