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About this product. MapPoint - part number - B Additional Product Features Family Line. Show More Show Less. Intuit 3. Broderbund PrintMaster Symantec Norton Utilities You may also like. Ratings and Reviews. Most relevant reviews See all 8 reviews. MapPoint Review Great value. Easy to use routing software I use it to do daily delivery routes. MapPoint Easy to Use!

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Apple is rebuilding Maps from the ground up

Still a great program Map point is still the best program for my purposes. Support for both upper and lower case letters in waypoint names. Added a window allowing for editing of a selected track or route name and color. Added map stitching for Canadian Topo Maps. Added the ability to import OziExplorer MAP files, which contain a user-defined Transverse Mercator based grid for the calibration data. Enables multiple consecutive waypoint, route, and track transfers with more Garmin receiver firmware versions. Increased transfer speed of waypoints, routes and tracks from a Garmin receiver to the Mac.

Added support for Alaska MacElevation Data. Real-time update of the elevation-versus-distance graph for the active track. Print elevation-versus-distance graphs. Improved handling of track files from the Garmin Foretrex. Plot elevation-versus-distance for routes and tracklogs. Print the Satellite Visibility Window.

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New USA locator maps make it easy to find and open the correct MacTopos map with double-click simplicity. Save maps with waypoint, route, and tracklog overlays as PDF files. Expanded and revised Help menu. Updated to run on Mac OS X version Added support for the Garmin Forerunner Improved map display and file import on Intel Macs.

Improved import of GPX files. Improved import of some OziExplorer calibration files. Universal Binary for full native performance on Intel-based Macs. Added the European France datum. Added the HD datum.

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Added the Israeli datum. Added the North Sahara datum. Added the NTF France datum. Added the Pulkovo Russia datum. Increase in the allowed number of computer serial ports when using the Garmin USB selection. Improved handling of erroneous baud rate setting. Improved handling of Bluetooth signal loss.

Stitch adjacent USGS digital-raster topographical maps together. Show USGS topographical maps with or without margins capability added. Show multiple raster maps together in the same window capability added. Find USGS topographical maps by the quad name capability added. Display grid lines for the British Grid capability added. The auto-open map function has been extended to work with the USGS Alaska topographical maps.

Hand tool and live-scrolling tool for simplified moving around a map or chart added. Errant individual tracklog point deletion capability added. Help tags to provide quick information when and where needed added. Maptech World Marine chart added. Added support for new waypoint-transfer protocol which isused in the firmware for the Garmin C and models. Added several new sections to the help menu, including importing maps and charts. Updated MapsOnUs. New waypoint menu item is now accessible while real-time data is displayed.

Automatically switching to the correct map while traveling added.

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Help menu with help-viewer topics added OS X only. Real-time data window shows the estimated time of arrival. The go-to waypoint selected on the GPS receiver automatically shows in the map window with a special icon. Text background boxes make waypoint names and comments on the map easier to read. Imports FAA flight sectionals. Simplified opening of the satellite position window.

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Increased the number of waypoints-per-route to Movable dialog boxes capability added. Reads tracklog timestamps from the Magellan receivers whose tracklogs have no date stamps. Corrects the opening of some BSB version 2 files. Speed read-out problem on large real-time display fixed. GUI appearance improvements. Selection of individual tracklogs capability reinstated. Added the Dutch Grid RD position format. Added the Dutch Grid map projection. Added the Croatia Datum. Added the Taiwan Datum. Added a "units choices" dialog box separate from the "mapping choices" dialog box, providing easy change of the display Datum, position format, distance units, and elevation units while showing a real-time position on a moving map.

Added improved window titles for ease of use. Rearranged the real-time window for easier readability. Improved the real-time position to accommodate larger maps without lag on slower computers. Drag-and-drop capability added in the Finder for all supported map and chart image formats. Double-click opening capability added in the Finder for marine charts. Route import from MapsOnUs. Smarter import of map calibration information. Known information no longer needs to be verified, yet any perimeters can be manually changed, if desired.

Faster import of maps and charts with full georeferencing information.

Improved on-screen user guidance for importing maps with missing georeferencing information. Fixed a map-opening bug with the Swiss Grid Map Projection. Added support for Garmin's tracklog transfer format, allowing Garmin Forerunner Runner's History transfer capability.

Added the Polyconic Map Projection. Higher speed playback of NMEA files. Added waypoint export in GPX format. Bug fixes. Import of GPX files from websites like geocaching. Import of Fugawi JPR georeferenced files for automatic calibration. Display of higher-quality images when zoomed-in closer than on a raster map capability added. Display of USGS topographical map name showing current, or provided, location capability added.

Display of the recorded date, time, and elevation of a clicked-on tracklog point capability added. Number of waypoints entered per route based only on the maximum amount allowed by the connected GPS receiver. Added automatic calibration of Etopo Canadian topographical maps. Default waypoint names are supplied for quick waypoint entry. Large maps opened in the map window still maintain room on the edges of the screen.

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Supports Magellan GPS receivers for waypoint, route and tracklog transfer. Supports wireless GPS receivers with Bluetooth technology. OS X native.