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So what can we use these extra mouse buttons for? Well, clearly Close and Back are two obvious candidates.

How to Use a Multi-Button Mouse with Your Mac

Each of these can be found by selecting them from the drop-down menu next to each button field:. You may decide, for example, that closing the current document as opposed to the current program would be a good use for Mouse Button 5. In other words, we need to simulate the keypress of Ctrl-F4.

The instructions on the page are pretty comprehensive. One of the most powerful features of X-Mouse Button Control is the ability to assign actions to buttons on a per-application basis. This means that if we have a particular program open, then our mouse will behave differently — our buttons will do different things. This is easy with X-Mouse Button Control.

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We start by opening Windows Media Player. This makes the next step easier.

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Usually I only need few extra features to work faster using a mouse. One, I need mouse wheel with 4 directions scrolling and this mouse has this feature running well without I had to do anything. Sure we can assign any mouse button to any feature by installing Logitech software. But we can also do this from Settings app, choose Mission Control.

I have Logitech M at home. Pressing the scroll toggles between normal scrolling and hyper-fast scrolling. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: Peter Moyer Peter Moyer. User profile for user: lewisg12 lewisg Oct 27, AM in response to Peter Moyer In response to Peter Moyer i ahve the same mouse, i use the arrow key near your thumb.

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  5. Nov 1, PM in response to lewisg12 In response to lewisg12 Lewisg12 I use other functions also assigned to those buttons. BUt when I do this it wont work.

    Using all the buttons of a Logitech G500 on a Mac

    User profile for user: Craig Martell Craig Martell. However, I have had no trouble as of yet.

    This did it for me. Ask a question Reset.

    Assign a Primary and a Secondary Mouse Click in the System Preferences