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Few days ago, my parents gave me one iPhone X, I was so happy that I used it taken many photos, and now want to share them with my family. Hope anyone help me transfer my iPhone photos to my computer. Thank you very much.

How to Re-import Synced Photos from iPhone to Laptop

Do you know which way is the quickest and the most convenient to get my iPhone 8 Plus photo to PC? Please give me some clues. However, I have no idea on how to do that. Somebody help? You may have a large amount of precious photos stored in iPhone, or save images from applications such as Safari and Mail to your device, then require to transfer these images to computer for releasing the device memory or sharing with family or for backing up. You could simply click the 5 methods below to directly follow the steps to complete coping iPhone photos to computer.

Windows treats the iPhone as either a digital camera or a file system, depending on how the photos are accessed. On a Windows PC, the easiest way to get pictures from your iPhone is to just use Windows Explorer, but there are two ways to go about this. In either case, unlock the iPhone before beginning, or else the photos may not be visible. This utilizes the pop-up that shows by default in Windows when a device is connected to the computer by way of USB.

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Remember, if the iPhone pictures are not showing up in Windows, make sure the iPhone is unlocked first. Otherwise the iPhone will be found in 'My Computer' but all of the content on it will be invisible and inaccessible. If you run into that, all you need to do is touch the iPhone, unlock the screen and enter the passcode, and all of your stuff will be visible as expected. If you're using Windows, you can sync the photos on your device with iTunes on your computer.

If you have multiple albums on your iPhone, it is recommended to place the individual folders into a larger folder.

How to retrieve synced Photos from iPhone… - Apple Community

Posted on Nov 9, AM. You can't reimport pictures synced from your computer to your device back to your computer. You can only import pictures in the Camera Roll or Saved Photos from your device to your computer. If you need to retrieve synced photos from your device:. Nov 9, AM. Page content loaded. I know none of you who are viewing this know the answer, it is a very unusual situation. Even though it is unlikely you have gone through the same thing, you can help me figure it out by following the steps I have outlined.

How to Sync Photos from iPhone to Computer

If you do so, and it works, you will get the 10 Points for solving, but even if you try and it does not, you will still get the 5 points for helping. Just follow those steps. I'll explain again:. You must have an iPhone preferrably 5S running iOS 7.

How to add and sync photos on your Mac — Apple Support

Select your "iPhone" , go to the " Photos" section, and set it up to sync the folder you just created in Step 1. On your iPhone, select the "Photos" icon, choose "Albums" on the bottom of the screen, then find and select the album. Above the thumbnails in the right corner, press "Select" , and checkmark each of the photos.

Press "Add To" on the bottom right corner of the screen. Scroll to the bottom and select "New Album". Type a new name for the album and press "Save".

How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPad iPhone with iTunes?

You should now have an album identical to the one created in Step 1. If you haven't completed Step 6 , which is deleting the folder created in Step 1 yet, do so now. The one created in Step 1 and deleted in Step 6. What else happened? Do you have any suggestions? I would really appreciate it if anyone would do this for me. If I had another iPhone I could do it myself, but I don't. Nov 6, AM. Nov 10, PM in response to wjosten In response to wjosten.

How to Sync Photos to iPhone

Thanks guys. I was hoping it would work, but truly, I didn't expect it to. I appreciate it. If you want to know a completely wireless mode of photo transfer from iPhone to Mac, Airdrop is a good option to go for. It is also a feasible answer to how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac without iTunes. Airdrop simply uses Wi-Fi to share photos from one device to another, in this case, your iPhone to Mac.

So, first, to make this whole process successful, you will need Wi-Fi or a steady internet connection for the entire session as everything is dependent on it. This is a very conventional channel of transferring photos and this one is wireless too. Out of all the methods above, I present you my favorite and by far the best way to import photos to your computer from iPhone. Tenorshare iCareFone is a professional transfer tool that supports both Windows and Mac.

So, you can use any OS to transfer your photos in no time.

3 Easy Ways to Transfer Pictures from iPhone to iPhone

Be it any type of photos like photos from Camera Roll, Photo Stream, albums, downloads, WhatsApp images and other sources, it can fetch anything and everything. So, here are my 4 best picks when it comes to importing photos from iPhone to Mac and Windows computer. All of these methods are effective and I used it myself.