In , not everyone needs a full-service word processing program, which is why software like Ulysses exists. This takes you to the main Pages template screen. Once you find a template to use, highlight it and select Choose.

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The first time I experienced Pages templates was when a friend asked me to help him create a newsletter for a local club. Edit the text and replace the photos. Apple provides lots of Pages templates already. Templates for Numbers and Keynote are also available.

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Why stop there? If you have an artistic side, consider designing templates, either for personal use or to share with others. You can start building your template from scratch by opening a blank page or by modifying an existing template. If you are starting from scratch, be sure to add elements to your documents such as text boxes and shapes.

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Do this by going to the Insert menu or by clicking the icon in the toolbar. To add photos, music, and movies to your template, click on the Media icon on the toolbar.

You can add as many pages as you need, according to your needs. You can save the template to your computer only as a file or to the Template Chooser. Your templates will show up under My Templates on the opening Pages screen. You can delete templates by right-clicking on the template thumbnail.

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If you want to share your creations, they are available where you save other Pages files. There are plenty of benefits to using Pages and the rest of the iWork suite. One of the advantages of Evernote is flexibility. When you get a brand new account, it comes as an empty vessel to fill up with your ideas.

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That being said, sometimes a blank slate can be a puzzling blocker, rather than an inspirational challenge. What exactly should you be filling it with?

Simple Business Plan Template

How can you simplify everyday tasks? You may have heard whispers about the magic of templates in Evernote, but to many, templates are one of the hidden secrets of power users. After an overwhelmingly positive response to a free set of business templates for entrepreneurs we recently shared with you, we realized we needed to take things even further. The beauty of templates is that they allow you to use your powerful brain and precious time for things other than set-up and formatting.

When you come across a template you love, click on the link to open and preview the template. Then click Save to Evernote to easily add the template as a note to your Evernote account. Create a notebook just for templates to make things easier, saving all the ones you might need in there. Pro tip: Add your templates notebook to your shortcuts in the sidebar so you can get to it quickly. Save a copy of the template in the notebook of your choice. Then you can rename the template and get to work, leaving the original in your templates notebook so you can reuse it later.

When your new template is ready to go, create a copy of it. This way, you preserve your original template note to use again. To learn even more about building a library of templates that you can use, reuse, and share, check out this how-to. Evernote Certified Consultants also have some great videos to walk you through the process, such as this one from template master Barbara Fuller of Simplify Days. Grab the templates that seem most useful to you. With templates, the task of filling up your Evernote account or streamlining frequently used notes is not quite as daunting. The templates below let you get started right away, extending your productivity even further.

When you create a new template, you start with an existing template Blank, or any other template , make changes, then save it as a custom template. The original template remains unchanged. Custom templates appear in the My Templates category in the template chooser. Note: Only templates that appear in the template chooser can be used to create new templates. Delete an existing placeholder or background graphic: Select the object you want to remove and press Delete on your keyboard. If you save it to iCloud, the template appears as a downloadable file in the document manager the next time you open Pages on your iOS device.

In the template chooser, Control-click the template name, then choose Rename or Delete.