Parallels is a software product that allows users to run Windows 7 on their Mac computer.

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I must say, it works pretty darn well. This makes the Delete and Backspace keys confusing.

Map Mac Parallels "Delete" key to "Backspace" | Maverick Limited

They delete the characters to the left of the cursor. This may only be a problem for people using a Mac notebook keyboard or an external Mac wireless keyboard.

I expect this is not a problem for those who use an external Windows keyboard on their Mac — assuming those people even exist. The word Delete will appear. Delete deletes the characters to the left of the cursor.

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Forward Delete deletes the characters to the right of the cursor. Hi Mark, thanks for this post, helped me a lot! Actually, I wanted the oposite. Simple one key deleting is key there, so I changed Backspace to Delete :. Mark, Thanks for reminding me of the ability to remap shortcuts in the VM.

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It needs to be recognized as Alt only in the VM. Thank you! I did the reverse function to,o, mapping delete to delete, my copy of parallels came with backspace as default. Thank you for the information.


Personally, I prefer to keep the backspace key doing what it is supposed to do, but to map Alt-Backspace to delete. Just hold down the Control and Option keys, then hold down the fn key, and press the Delete key. This older hint explained this functionality, and the comments offer some alternatives if you find this keystroke combination awkward to use.

Parallels Desktop: The Switch Is Complete

I have no idea if those solutions still work today, however. On full Mac keyboards, there's an actual forward delete key and no fn key , so this hint is only applicable to laptops. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.

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