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Change the Mac Ringtone Sound for Incoming iPhone & FaceTime Calls

Ask A Question. Account Sign Up. Log In. Search Mac Answers:. Question: How do I stop my Mac from making a sound each time I adjust the volume level? April 10th, Updated: March 9th, Answer: If your Mac is currently making a sound when you adjust the volume, trying holding the shift key while pressing volume up or down. You can also use these check boxes to decide what type of sound effects, alongside the audio alerts you can play while working with your Mac:.

Play User Interface Sound Effects: It switches on or off user interface audio, such as the noises that play when user copies files.

Change the Mac Ringtone Sound for Incoming iPhone & FaceTime Calls

Play Feedback When Volume Is Changed: The option provides feedback when the user changes the audio volume either by using the volume slider or by pressing the volume button on the keyboard. Users can add any sounds they want, and then play these sounds as alerts. These files have the. To do this:. Important: You can use iTunes to convert any audio file playable in iTunes into the new default import format.

You can also purchase or download apps which provide sound effects on your Mac. Mail and iChat apps make their own sounds, and you can modify them both.

Lower the volume of other clips that play at the same time

If you have such an AirPlay-compatible device, it will appear in the list of devices you can play audio through. Below the list of output destinations is a Balance slider for adjusting how much sound comes through speaker or headphone channels. Drag this slider all the way to the right, and only the right speaker or headphone will sound.

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Drag it to the left, and you'll hear the left channel from the left speaker or headphone. Your Mac can record audio, too.

How Do I Turn Off The Popping Sound When Adjusting Volume On A Mac?

Attach a microphone, headset, or audio interface to your Mac, and it too will appear in the input list. Just choose the input you want to use. I add this caveat because you can't control all input devices with this slider. Regardless of whether this slider is active, the 'Input level' meter should tell you approximately how high your gain is.

If you find that it constantly peaks at the top end of the scale, your gain is too high.